Children's Weather From Branstone Farm.

The boxes below show what the weather was like at the time shown. The information will change every 15 minutes as it arrives from the farm's weather station. You will be able to see how the weather changes not only during the day but through the week and months ahead.




Movement of air outside. We fly kites when the wind is strong. (Blowing quickly)

  Current Wind Direction


The way the wind is blowing. Winds from the North usually bring cold weather, and winds from the south bring warmer weather.

Current Outside Temperature


This tells us how hot or cold it feels outside.

Current Outside Humidity


How damp does the air feel? The humidity is low on a hot sunny day, and very high in foggy weather.

Today's Rain


Drops of water from the sky. Heavy rain makes us very wet.

Barometer History    


This tells us what the weather might be like in a day or two.

If the number is over 1000, it is usually nice weather. If the number falls really quickly, it means thunder may be coming.

Current Solar Radiation


How bright is it outside. Under 100 and it is a bit gloomy. Over 100 and it is usually sunny.

Current UV Index


(UV means Ultra Violet which is a way of saying how hot the sun feels to us)

How hot is the sun? Over 3 and we must be careful not to get sun burn.


Branstone Farm Studies Centre cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this data. We will attempt to keep the data systems running, but occasionally they may go offline for maintenance.
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